What has so far been only a desire, almost became a reality. Business environment appreciates and has a need for adequately trained personnel, and more and more attention is paid to training, education and development of employees, particularly the creation and development of leaders. The values that this system requires cherishing the Agency for Business Excellence One2grow, which has become an official partner Oxfrod Leadership Academy for Serbia, and will therefore, domestic and foreign companies with predstavništvnima in Serbia have the opportunity to be trained by the best quality accredited programs offered by the Agency One2grow.


One2grow agency designs and implements programs tailored leaders in a variety of corporations and industries that support the realization of strategic plans, facilitate the transition and the process of change, shaping organizational culture and develop leaders who transform the business for good. The main focus of the Oxford Leadership Academy are called. Self-Management Leadership programs, which means that current and future leaders primarily to strengthen their understanding of personal values, strength and vision, in order to bury them in the organizational values and the environment. Thus establishing strong ties with their teams based on respect and trust.

Mia_Sv.159z163,,We help leaders to develop character, strength and critical skills required to manage complex global companies, with the aim much higher than the profits and products – managing people.

We believe that the leaders of the powerful combination of strategy, character, inspiration and heart that cares.

Companies in the world where people have admired “that something” – a compelling purpose that drives all those who are in some way connected with it, ” says Mirjana Gomilanović, Executive Director of the Agency for Business Excellence One2grow, trainer and business coach.

Oxford Leadership Academy ™ was founded in Oxford in the UK in 2005, Oxford Leadership has 20 partners and over 200 people working across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, and this year in Serbia.

For more details, visit the official site Oxfor Leadership Academy -for Serbia.