The Agency for Business Excellence “One2grow” and the Center for mikroekspresije and body “Partner Team” organized series of workshops for parents – Arts motivating communication with children.


Do you know how to motivate a child to think, an activity, you know how to “wake up” the best of him or you seem to keep missing each other in everyday conversations?


Communication is a complex process that can get us started, but also blocked. Often we are not even aware of how important the way we say something and how it affects those who listen to us, especially to those najmlađe.Prevaziđite traps verbal and nonverbal communication, master the techniques of motivational communication with children, learn to use your voice as a powerful tool. Recognize how important body language is communication with the child, what is the position and facial expression of the child in need, and why they mikroekspresije (facial expression) is an effective communication tool in the parent-child / children.


The workshops are intended for parents and those who want to improve their communication with children, acquire useful communication tools and their use to motivate children and engage him thinking.


The cycle of workshops Arts motivating communication with children is divided into 4 workshops:


1. Topic: Importance of sentence structures, how to ask the right questions, providing options as a tool for encouragement, conscious and unconscious filters …

Date of event: 9.9. 18:30

Workshop by Dragana Aleksic, Master NLP and Family coach

2. Topic: voice as a powerful tool, giving constructive criticism, avoid words, at what level to listen to what the child says (neurologički levels) …

Dates: 16.9. 18:30

Workshop by Dragan Aleksic, NLP Master Coach and Family

3. Topic: The importance of body language to establish communication with the child, gestures, posture and facial expressions of the child in expressing needs, intentions and desires, compliance body language and verbal communication in the parent – child / children

The date of 23 September at 18:30

Workshop by Darko Todorovic, Program Director of the Center for mikroekspresije and body “Partner Team”

4. Topic: Mikroekspresije (facial expression) as an effective communication tool in the parent-child / children, recognizing the seven universal emotions that the child / children to feel at a given time and adequate response to them

The date of 30 September at 18:30

Workshop by Darko Todorovic, Program Director of the Center for mikroekspresije and body “Partner Team”


Venue: Agency One2grow, Gandijeva 71, 4th floor

Investment for Cycle – 18,000.00

* For applications until September 1 – a discount of 10%

* If you sign up another person to September 1st – discount for you is 15%

* If the other parent wants to attend – discount set at 50%

* The deadline for applications is 3 9. 2015.

* Payment in installments (no discounts) – and 60% (until 1 September), II – 20% III 20%

* Discounts are mutually exclusive


The investment includes:

– The three-hour interactive workshop

– Materials for classes

– Refreshment

Applications:,, 069/11 92 851