Activate your resources

The Agency for Business Excellence One2grow within the programs of our partners, begins a cycle of workshops “Activate your resources,” designed for those of you who have the feeling that you are lulled into your safe zone and you want to make a change! Learn how to overcome obstacles in the way of change, learn effective techniques and allow yourself to be what ever you want …

Stress under your control

Stress as a “disease of the 21st century” has a direct impact on our health, and we are exposed to it much more than we think! When we enter the state of tension, if you do not know how to get rid of stress me constantly accumulate in itself, and this is reflected in our physical and especially mental state.

Often we are not even aware of the accumulation, until we cross the critical threshold, ie. while stress does not reflect directly on our health or behavior. The consequences are a number of, from insomnia, via headaches, anxiety, restlessness, depression, hypertension, and even the physical manifestations of the skin. The way we react to stressful situations affect whether he will be even more intense and we will be able to overcome.

Learn how to identify “critical” situations that introduce you to a state of tension, in order to effectively lower the level of stress and how to keep it under control so as not to “hold” on you. Stop the adverse effect of stress and be in good positive condition. Always.

Dates: SOON

Workshop by Dragana Aleksic, coach

Workshop duration: 90 minutes

Investment: 2500.00

Place: Agency One2grow, Bul. Zoran Djindjic, 71, New Belgrade

Applications and information:, 069/11 92 851


I – his own superhero!

Time to wake up your inner strength

All we have all the necessary resources in himself to make a change that is important to us and to be the best version of yourself. But under the influence of fast living, giving priority to other, currently actual situations, they are “put to sleep” or “pull” deeper in us, and often we forget that we once had greater self-confidence, the belief that we can achieve major objectives, strong motivation .. .

Efficient coaching techniques can not “wake up” and activate all our internal resources and use them in situations when we need it. Teach them!

The term workshops: Soon new term

Workshop by Dragana Aleksic, NLP Master, Wingwave & Life Coach

Workshop duration: 90 minutes

Place: Agency One2grow, Bul. Zoran Djindjic, 71, New Belgrade

Applications and information:, 069 11 92 851

Investment: 2500.00 RSD

For members of the Sensa Club discount 20%