Coaching Supporting programs

Systemic and team coaching constellation

Activate the potential of each employee, run for good energy

Careful you select your team, experts in the field of your […]

Motivating communication with children

Activate the children’s potential and positively encourage them to active coaching techniques

Communication is a complex process that can get us […]

Project management

Your idea is alive!
The two-day training “Project Management” will help  you  find more efficient and wiser solutions to accomplish the […]

Creating functional teams

Champion’s team vs. a team of champions

Instead of taking these successful individuals discover the secrets of creating championship teams gathered […]

Be coach to new generations

How Generation Y changes the business?
Throughout the two-day workshop will provide you with the opportunity to:

recognized core values that carry […]

Challenges of middle management

When the pressure from the “top” and “bottom” meet
The training is designed for those of you who are in your […]

Work / Life Integration for leaders

Keep both work and life. Don’t let them hold you!
Being a leader means continuous commitment and self-giving in all aspects […]

Coaching as a managerial style

In the development of each employee on his way to becoming a professional and a leader in your business, as […]

Transition to management position (people management basic skills)

Become the boss who will be remembered for good

Training will give you the opportunity to gain a clearer insight  into […]