Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) range of tools can be divided into three categories: self-assessment, feedback and role expectations.

This allows great flexibility in choosing the tools that are best suited to your needs. For example, if you want to focus exclusively on understanding and developing themselves, whether feedback of other people in order to increase awareness and thus help improve a relationship, or you want to focus on understanding the expectations of others of you in a certain role and how you can meet those expectations.

Combining the tools you can create just such a development approach that will allow you to reach the set goal Within these three areas, we have two different types of questionnaires:

– SDI tools give us information about the composition of the motivational value, what drives us is, why we do what we do, what are the reasons for our decisions and choices, etc.

– Portret tools focus on behavior, and help us understand how two people with the same motivation value composition (color) can be selected very different ways of using their virtues.

When SDI® and portraits used together we have a greater awareness of themselves and others, and it helps us improve the quality of our relations, reduce conflict and achieve greater success.