What is Wingwave coaching?
Wingwave (vingvejv) is effective coaching method that has been successfully used in business situations that are associated with stress (a feeling of tension, fear …), bad past experiences or negative feeling and stress regarding future events.


The main areas of application Wingwave coaching in business:

1. Regulation of stress

The most common causes of acute and chronic stress in the workplace are:
• fear of public speaking (in a group setting or in the media)
• reorganization and release,
• increase / decrease in salaries,
• delegation,
• giving bad feedback and …

If your job involves frequent travel, car or plane, you might be facing stress due to:
• fear of travel,
• insomnia,
• time difference …

To be effective and successful in their jobs, it is important to recognize when you are under stress and to eliminate it as soon as possible.
Wingwave Coaching lowered levels of stress, fear, and the subjective feeling of discomfort, tension, anxiety … regardless of whether the cause is internal (unrealistic expectations, inability to finish a job within …) or external (conflict in the workplace, disappointment …) .

2. Strengthening of internal resources

• creativity,
• charisma,
• motivation,
• perseverance …

Strengthening “internal team” and improved clear image (visualization) objectives mentally preparing for superior results.

3. Changing negative beliefs

Even though a person has the resources, experience and knowledge, negative personal beliefs that can sabotage in achieving business goals, whether it comes:

– Applying for a job,
– Apply for a higher position,
– Seeking a raise,
– Delegating and managing people ….

Wingwave Coaching is detected and eliminated personal limiting beliefs:
• “I do not deserve” (eg, managerial position)
• “I’m not worth enough” (ie. That I had a great salary),
• “nobody does not respect me” (eg. In order to delegate, so I have to do everything yourself) …

Wingwave Coaching helps to build emotionally stable base convictions, which allows a person to withstand the most challenging situations, and that in them easily settled. Also, with its Wingwave a coach, you will learn how to effectively access the internal resources whenever you need it.
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