Become the boss who will be remembered for good

Training will give you the opportunity to gain a clearer insight  into the essence of managing people and respond to the basic requirements which by today’s managers to relaxed able to devote to this responsible role.

Who receives the training?

The training is intended for those who are currently in the position of middle managers or are planning to take the same position in the near future.

Which issues are addressed in training?

The essence of management
Influence and consequences of management onto the results of the work
Communication from the role of manager to all levels of the organization
Situational leadership
Managing the behavior of employees
Delegating and vice versa delegating
Tactics influence and motivation of employees
Individual Action Plan for the implementation of knowledge management

What do you get this training?

  • clearer view of the objective to set up the leading men
  • logical structure and steps for successful management in the XXI century
  • an overview of possible solutions that can significantly improve your leadership
  • methodology to adequately election management style
  • the technique of delegating and overcoming reverse delegation
  • a specific technique: situational leadership and management behavior of employees
  • practical advice for creating the optimal climate in your team / sector
  • the possibility that their results do considerably more efficient and more productive

As well as answers to the questions:

How to become and remain successful manager?
As the city manager authority and influence to his team and senior management?
What skills and knowledge constitute a basis for further development of the managerial career?
How organizational culture and climate influence the management style?
How to successfully delegate and how to overcome the reverse delegation?
How to motivate and develop a team until you manage?

How are we doing?

Training is carried out in two days, through a combination of interactive lectures and a number of group and individual exercises.

Register for this training

In the program you can sign up via e-mail or by phone: 011/2120430.