Empower your team – improve your business

Combine the power of all team members – use differences as their highest priority

Give socializing – allow employees to get to know better and so are the stronger team

Take the opportunity to you and your team have fun and relax with thematic workshops

We offer programs of varying duration, dynamics and content. The programs are intended for top management (empowerment strategy and creating a vision) and teams of employees who need to regain strength, promote fellowship or simply reward for good work.

The all-day or četveročasovno hanging in all those activities that you think will increase the efficiency of your team with obligatory hanging out with horses (riding school and taking care of horses) with a choice of thematic content of your choice:

  • team workshops to raise team spirit
  • team workshops to define the mission, vision and values ​​of the company / team
  • modules that the team is important
  • motivational speech, motivational videos, ….