Coaching – your way to a better quality of life

One2grow organizes a unique program that is focused on developing the skills and knowledge of all those who want to improve their quality of life, both business as well as private. The program is based on the time that you will be able to dedicate themselves and which will be able itself to provide answers to the questions:

  • where you are now?
  • how am satisfied / a situation where we are now?
  • how many others are unhappy with my current situation?
  • how to get to their vision and goals?
  • what actions need to take to achieve my dreams?


The whole program was designed based on the principles of effective coaching (coaching), and is implemented through a series of talks and meetings (coaching sessions) that individually taking about 45 minutes. The minimum recommended number of these discussions was three, and about the further continuation of cooperation You decide for yourself. During the conversation, the system of asking questions and providing answers, different opportunities, which will help you:

  • define your goals
  • connect goals to their own values;
  • create their sealed his own experience related to this goal;
  • define concrete steps to achieve the objective and
  • bind yourself that you did in fact proceed.

It is important to emphasize that the success of this operation depends on your openness and commitment to agreed actions really do.

Uniqueness and benefits of the program

If you are employed – an option during working hours (individual work)

If you have been very important to get the answers to the previous questions, and it seems to you that your time you spend at work is a bigger part of the day and when you do not have to deal with this, we can offer a unique and extraordinarily option:

The possibility of organizing the program in the premises of your company on the dates of your choice, which can be combined with your lunch break.

In this way, not disrupting your work schedule, and you get your own business lunch conversation with you before. Additional benefits under this option is the variant that you One2grow provide the meal with refreshments. And if you want to change your lunchbreak environment, it is possible to reach an agreement on the place where they will be interviewed.

If you are employed – an option during working hours (teamwork)

Previously mentioned option program can be implemented and for teams through group work, with variants that are already listed. When teamwork, through discussion we will try together to harmonize your team values, create team vision, we set business objectives in line with your personal and team values, find various ways to achieve them, establish effective action steps define the ways of taking responsibility and dedication of the agreed order .

If you want to take a moment to disconnect from their work (optional for employees outside of working hours) or if you are unemployed

If you are not working or you want answers to these questions are looking outside the business environment, we have the ability to work in an environment that you choose when and how you want (your apartment or house, cafe, restaurant, park bench, deck on the river. .. in conversation with a drink, have a lunch or dinner, via Skype, telephone …). In this mode One2grow is also responsible for a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, Wellcome Drink and the occasional gift.

Thanks to all of this together with you, we will devise the most efficient scenario for the development of your potential.

Who receives the training?

To all of you who want to keep up with the times and you are aware that the future of your business based on the new generation. If you manage a team or organization that relies on the talents, this training is for you!

How are we doing?

Professionalism and Ethics

In accordance with the code of ethics of the profession and the ICF (International Coaching Federation), are committed to the content of each session ostja and only between the client and the coach. This level of confidentiality seems to be between the coach and the client achieve a strong relationship and alliance, which serves as a support towards achieving the objectives.

Client is free to, if it wishes, parts sessions divided by the manager, team, family or other people. For the coach, this kind of freedom does not exist, except in cases when it comes to a trilateral agreement between the organization, employees and coaches. In this case it is important to clearly and precisely define the objectives and topics of coaching (from professional spheres customer / employee) and then the coach liable to the organization (sponsor) inform on progress, but not the detail of each session.

Obligation profesionalng coach is listening, asking questions and leading discussions about how best to awaken the client. He asisitira client to define and reach the defined goals.

The customer is responsible for all decisions during the coaching process, for all the action steps that are defined during the coaching project, as well as personal and business success.