Individual coaching


A good coach will act as your partner and support.

Coach what you need is one who will listen to you and help you to go in the direction and the direction chosen by you – not where he thought he ought to go. These are two very different things.

A good coach will help you to realistically deal with the situation where you are now and where you want to go.

A good coach will tell you the truth. You pay him to help you to succeed! Expect your coach to help you create expectations and goals.

Sometimes the coach will be a mentor, teacher, fan ….

Job coach is to help you to overcome any obstacle in your way toward success and to develop strategies that will be successful just for you.

The areas in which we have proven to be very successful and we have helped many professionals, like you, are:

Business coaching- coaching for a successful career

Designed for business people, opredeljinim the success, growth and winning. People are willing to take the problems to tackle.

Primarily intended for professionals who wish to find motivation and purpose of the work that they want to perform, to find resources in themselves and create strategies for success.

Executive coaching -coaching for top executives

This type of coaching is intended strategists, motivators, leaders and visionaries. To build or run a company is a big responsibility and sometimes require professional assistance in order to get answers to the question: what next?

Leadership and Management -coaching coaching for leaders and managers

Build, develop and lead teams is a challenge. Working with people and their needs and resources can sometimes be stressful. Coach can help you discover new ways, approaches and options.

Work / Life balance coaching – coaching for balance in life

Designed for business people who want that in every segment of its živoda enjoy and be successful without remorse (work, family, hobbies, time for yourself, health, etc.)

Before beginning the process of coaching the coach and the client will meet the initial conversation, where they will check how compatible, what is the possibility of achieving trust and arrange cooperation frameworks.

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More about Coaching

Coaching as a management style
Coaching as a management style
Being a coach – to understand and be able – is one of the indispensable skills of leaders and managers dedicated to the development svojh employees and teams.
Team coaching
Team coaching
Coaching teams is a powerful and very productive tool for recruiting more staff / team with the aim of harmonizing team values.
Tutorials with a combination of training and coaching
Tutorials with a combination of training and coaching
The program was created as a combination of theoretical / consultant’s knowledge and experience held by trainers and consultants of the Agency “One2grow”.