Coaching as a management style


Being a coach – to understand and be able – is one of the indispensable skills of leaders and managers dedicated to the development svojh employees and teams.

The “Coaching as a management style” is designed so that during the two-day workshop that employed in the description of your business and have leadership, management and development of employees understand the basics of coaching process and learn about the benefits of this form of management. Special attention was paid compared with other coaching styles to skillfully and flexibly synchronize your leadership style depending on the level of development of the employee and the situation.

It is recommended that upon completion of training executives (as coaches) reinforce the application of new skills. This is done through individual sessions with a professional coach, to find your own style and develop skills so that they are effective in their daily work.

Whether the manager is trained to sufficient quality and have regularly held coaching session with your employees or for the session hire a professional coach – employed is well on its way to becoming a leader in your business.

In the development of each employee on the way to becoming a professional and a leader in its business, as well as development teams there nekoloiko phase:

– Training
– Mentoring
– Dedication
– Coaching
– Leadership

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The key development is the commitment and support to the employee and the manager. Therefore, it is important that managers have the knowledge and skills to make at each stage poržali their employees and help them to grow and develop.

In the phase of training expert in the relevant field employee during the presentation pointed out that a certain thing is important, to make this more efficiently reach his goal. The training comes in handy commitment to employee takeover, but it is not decisive. During the training the employees may or may not believe in the validity of the methodology, teaching materials, etc.

After the training, the employee has the knowledge and skills so that his further development needed a mentor, someone who will use their experience and attitude to help younger colleagues to address the challenges ahead.

After some time spent in learning and testing of the learned, the employee becomes dedicated to his work, personal success and the success of the company where he works and is ready to assume responsibility.

At this point, the employee is ready for coaching.

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Team coaching
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Individual sessions
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Tutorials with a combination of training and coaching
Tutorials with a combination of training and coaching
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