Coaching and Mentoring


According to a survey conducted in Fortune 100 companies by Manchester Consulting Group obtained results show that the projects result in Coaching:

  • ROI (Return on Investment, ROI) that was almost six times higher than the money invested in the coaching project,
  • 77% poboljšanjeodnosa in the company,
  • 67% improve teamwork,
  • 61% improvement in satisfaction at work and
  • 48% improvement in quality.

In support of your business, depending on your needs, we recommend one of the three aspects of coaching:

Individual coaching
Coaching as a management style
Team coaching
Tutorials with a combination of training and coaching

Business coaching in the Agency “One2grow” is implemented by combining several different coaching approaches (Erickson International, NLP coaching, PCM coaching ). Sessions are held both in Serbian and English. In addition to sessions “face -u- face” we have very successfully implemented sessions via Skype and telephone.



Business coaching involves a partnership between coach and client to client provide structure, guidance and support in order to:

  • looking at the entire situation in which the customer is located, including personal perception, perception of others and their work
  • setting realistic goals, based on personal values
  • taking relevant and realistic action in order to achieve the set goals
  • personal development and learning on the way to the goal / objectives

Two basic rules in business coaching focused on the solution are:

  • Focus on target
  • Honesty with yourself

During the coaching session is not important that the client is at its best, but the issue that will reveal to him where he is, where he wants to be and how to get there.

During the session, the coach is the one who issues the system opens up possibilities, helps clients to:

  • defines SMARRT (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Realistic, Timed) goal,
  • connect the target with his life values
  • creates its sealed his own experience in relation to this goal,
  • define action steps and
  • that it will truly and act.

It is important to emphasize the success of the session depends on the openness of the client and his commitment to agreed actions really do.

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