One2grow Leadership Coaching in partnership with Excel Communications

Excel Communications is a world class training and development company facilitating tailored, in-house learning events including coaching, workshops and development programmes.

We harness experience and expertise gained from a diversity of business backgrounds. Our energies and commitment are dedicated to maximising the performance of people through consulting, designing and delivering outstanding training programmes and development initiatives. […]

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Become part of our team

The Agency for Business Excellence One2grow opens doors and provides an opportunity to become a part of our team. We are looking for an seller who is creative enough to give us answers to one simple question:

Let’s hear it…

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We have become partners of the Oxford Leadership Akademy

What has so far been only a desire, almost became a reality. Business environment appreciates and has a need for adequately trained personnel, and more and more attention is paid to training, education and development of employees, particularly the creation and development of leaders. The values that this system requires cherishing the Agency for Business […]

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The cycle of workshops: Art of motivating communication with children

The Agency for Business Excellence “One2grow” and the Center for mikroekspresije and body “Partner Team” organized series of workshops for parents – Arts motivating communication with children.


Do you know how to motivate a child to think, an activity, you know how to “wake up” the best of him or you seem to keep missing each […]

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We learned parents how to motivate kids

On 19.08. Our agency was full of good emotions and big dreams.
In cooperation with the Center for mikroekspresije and body “Partner Team” we welcomed parents and asked them lots of questions on the topic:

Do you know how to motivate a child to think?
Do you know how to run a child for an activity?
Do you know […]

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Agency One2grow participated in IT-connectors

In front of the Agency for Business Excellence One2grow, Mirjana Gomilanović, Director of the Agency, trainer and business coach, held a lecture / workshop IT Lidove together saHerve Tung-TV, the young coach on this topic.
First IT Job Fair was held on May 23 and 24 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. It also IT […]

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The Programme of Manage Digital

The retro restaurant Sugar n Spice in Belgrade, 28.04.2015. was held presentation of the new program of the Agency for Business Excellence One2grow – #Manage Digital – Use the power of the new generation.
Millennials, the popularly called members of Generation Y born between 1980 and 2000, represent the future and the present business in almost […]

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Agency On2Grow gave ladies a lecture and held a presentation of the new training

The Agency for Business Excellence One2grow surprised their business partners giving them kursBusiness Beauty – Makeup for a business woman, and thus celebrated March 8th. Our guests were ladies from numerous companies in Serbia with whom we have established excellent cooperation. Joint forces influence the growth and development of employees, business development and growth potential […]

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Business Women and Work Life Integration

In a pleasant ambience wine bar, there was a presentation of the Agency for Business Excellence One2grow, for all business women who have given us the opportunity to enjoy their company. Friends of this event were and winery Bogunović, who presented us three labels of his wines and the best way to open this […]

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This year in the mentoring program

It is our great honor and satisfaction of what our director, Mirjana Gomilanović this year as part of an exceptional team of mentors in the program “Share Your Knowledge – Become a Mentor” which aims at economic and professional empowerment of women in Serbian society through the exchange of experiences and knowledge between experts Leaders […]

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