In front of the Agency for Business Excellence One2grow, Mirjana Gomilanović, Director of the Agency, trainer and business coach, held a lecture / workshop IT Lidove together saHerve Tung-TV, the young coach on this topic.
First IT Job Fair was held on May 23 and 24 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade. It also IT job fair has been organized within the framework of this event, which contained another two parts: GameSpace, in which they bring together all those interested in gaming, and ITconference, where big experts in the IT industry talked about the latest trends in IT .

The goal of IT connectors to gather in one place the highest quality IT professionals and initiate the creation of the largest IT groups in the country. This was the starting point for creating a strong brand that will contribute to the promotion of IT in Serbia, initiate positive changes for the better development of the IT industry, and to encourage more high-quality education for all IT professionals.

Agency One2grow was also a media and educational partner of the event.