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In this episode: Mirjana Gomilanović

Mirjana Milanovic on TedXZemunED 2014

“We are all born to be happy”

When we talk about education, development, learning – usually we think of schools, institutions, programs. As soon as the child is born, parents immigrated begin to choose nursery. Suitable. Then, school, teacher, college … Few people wonder what it is what the child is well, what is that going to meet, what will it do happy? How would it look if we instead of asking “who are you going to college you sign?” Asked the question: “What are you going to be when you grow up?” The only obligation which every individual should have is really to be happy. In his speech, Mirjana will deal with the phenomenon of choice of occupation and times of education through model Neurologičkih level that has set Robert Diltz.

All the colors of life – Guest – Mirjana Gomilanović ACC 12.05.2014 RTS 2

Mirjana Gomilanović, the professional coach on RTS2. Topic: Coaching in life

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