About us


We, at the Agency for Business Excellence “One2grow” are experienced, enthusiastic, optimistic and professional people who believe that learning and development from birth to end of life.

Therefore, we have their strengths and passions together in one agency that is different than similar on the market right in its approach to learning, advancement and growth on both clients, partners and associates on the other side.

Our experiences are diverse, complementary and invigorating.

Years of experience in coaching and consultancy work, as well as coaching experience guarantee high quality services. Together with you we go through a process consisting of the key points:

  • setting realistic and measurable objectives in the context of the development potential of the business and employees
  • a unique and efficient processes for their achievement through transferring knowledge and skills, motivation and coaching
  • methods for measuring performance

Many years of experience in the positions of officers and managers in the sectors of corporate sales / marketing / customer care gives us the right to believe that we can understand the processes, requirements and challenges in your business. Thanks to this together with you we will devise the most efficient scenario for developing the potential of your employees and business.

At any time we grow together with our customers. Therefore, we believe that our field work in the future to expand.

We look forward to our mutual growth. Growing up together!

REFERENCES AND TRAINING HOURS related to large systems and different industries.

We are proud that we have implemented internal (in-house) projects in companies such as Telekom Serbia, Serbian Telecom, Coca Cola Hellenic, Erste Bank, Delta Holding, Direct Media, Microsoft Development Center Serbia, eFront, Carlsberg, MOL, CPM – confluence Property Management, Retail International, NIS, Halifax Consulting, SUN doo, Valmax, Moment, MP International, FLY Travel and many others.

Open trainings were attended by representatives of companies such as: VIP, Telenor, Telecom Serbian, Orion Telecom, Coca Cola, Apatin brewery, Carlsberg, Niksic Brewery, Sanofi – Avensis, Actavis, Clinical Center of Serbia, the OSCE, Hellenic Petroleum, S Leasing, State lottery of Serbia, Banca Intesa, Komercijalna Banka Volksbank Zepter, BOSH, Johnson Diversey TASKI etc.

Replace someone’s behaviour without a full understanding of what motivates him is like trying to start engine of a stolen car by kicking it.

Ernest Dichter


What we do best:

– Definition of strategy, vision, objectives and corporate values

– Establishing corporate culture and the involvement of all employees

– Preparation and involvement of employees in the change process

– Internal and external communication in accordance with the company culture and values

– Waking up team spirit

– Change Management

– The identification, training, and development of leadership skills

– Strengthening the middle management

– Selection and development of talents

– Specific skills training for employees